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Mykonos, Greece Mykonos, Greece Mykonos, Greece Sounion, Greece
Zakynthos, Greece Zakynthos, Greece Zakynthos, Greece Peloponese, Greece*
Be cool Relax Sounion, Greece Peloponese, Greece
Santorini, Greece Zakynthos, Greece NetCove Theme Red Canyon
Cool Bird Mocco Dog Mom's Tommy Snack Time
Chicago, IL North Point Marina, IL San Diego, CA Yosemite, CA
Cooper Island, BVI The Baths, BVI Yost Van Dyke, BVI Here lizard, lizard, lizard, BVI
America's Cup 95 Whitbread 98-99, Ft. Lauderdale Whitbread 98-99, Ft. Lauderdale Winch Sunset onboard Inspiration, Lake Michigan
San Francisco, CA Boat in Fog, Florida Key Largo, Florida Northern Wisconsin
*Space Shuttle Satellite picture

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